Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky
Convenience / Twilight

There is nothing you can think that is not the moon

transparencies, tape, computer controlled led lighting system, wood, ultra-black paint
10 × 10 × 8 feet
Installation: The Arts Center at Governors Island, New York City
Commissioned by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Lighting programming by Wade Weppler
Thanks to Swedish American Museum (Mora clock)

A black shed housing a cornucopia of glowing versions of antique and vintage objects, this work is a permutation of Twilight, the artists’ ongoing public art project previously staged as life-scale mock antique and thrift stores on the streets of Washington (2018), Toronto (2020), and Örebro (Sweden, 2022). Each object is a replica in the form of a handmade lantern, assembled from photographs of objects collected and intensively documented by the artists in each city Twilight has visited. Appearing as an island of light inside the dark storehouse in which they are now archived, they are lit in changing coloured patterns, which visually organize the hodge-podge collection into categories.

For the New York City installation the categories lit as groups include: Washington, Toronto, Sweden, NYC; personal objects of the artists; types such as clocks, lights, spiritual objects, musical instruments and so on.

During the final month of the installation, the lanterns are given away, to be replaced by lanterns made by the public during workshops offered by the artists during the exhibition’s run. Participants are prompted to sketch lost objects from memory, and these sketches are then assembled into lanterns which are lit and displayed in the shed transforming the structure into the Museum of Lost Things.